Tuesday, 9 October 2018

App Player for Windows.

By Masipogula Suresh

Hello, Everyone, Welcome back.

            App player for windows: Today I will tell you which is the best App player for windows and alternatives of App Player for Windows. Nowadays, so many people are searching on the internet how to play android apps on Windows. Let’s begin our topic Best app player for windows.

Table of Content.

  1.   App Player for Windows.
  2.  What is App Player?
  3. Best app player for windows.
  4. Alternatives app players for windows.
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What is an App Player?

             The definition of App player is in one word is it works like OS of Android. So we can install any type of app on Windows. We can play games; Chat Apps, Social Media apps, and your favorite apps install and enjoy the features of the app in Windows.

            The hundreds of App players are available on the internet. So the next question is which batter App player for windows is. The app player for a window, as know as Android Emulator for windows. Instead of App Player, we can use Android Emulator. Because officially called it Android Emulator, not App player

Best App Player for Windows.

            One of the best app players for windows is BlueStacks App Player. It is available free and paid versions. With paid versions, you may enjoy full features of BlueStacks. With Free version, you have restrictions to operate some of the options in BlueStacks.

          You can operate your windows screen with the help of your phone. Easy to use and very good User interface. To know more about BlueStacks. 
Alternatives App Player for Windows.

              When are we think to play apps on windows the best way is Android Emulator. The best App player for Windows is Bluestacks App Player.
       The BlueStacks will give/works only high configurations Windows, PC’s. therefore, we are searching Alternatives of BlueStacks I wrote an article about BlueStacks alternatives read it for know fully about android emulator and which is best for which configurations PC’s

      The best app player for a window is BlueStacks android emulator but it requires high configuration. So I discussed also an alternative of app player. so know you can play your favorite app on windows. If you like this article Feel free to Share.

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Sunday, 30 September 2018

How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background on Android or iPhone.

By Masipogula Suresh
Hello, Everyone.
          it's not great to play YouTube video on Android background. From today you can enjoy your favorite music while using another app like checking Gmail and Browse in New tab Open chat apps(like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter) give replay at the same time while playing YouTube video or Playlist on your Android or iOS. 

play youtube videos in background on android

           unfortunately, The YouTube Android app doesn't have this feature. to play favorite videos on the background. whatever it may be we just play the videos/playlist foreground of the YouTube app only. if we switch from another app that video is automatically stopped. its never play while using another app

are there any apps to Play Background?

              The Google Play store was provided a few years ago to use other apps while playing YouTube videos in background android or iOS. But now those are not in available so don't worry I will tell you an easy way to play YouTube videos in the android background.

        You need not download any app to play YouTube videos on your phone, you can go with the default web browser or your favorite web browser on your phone itself. are thinking how to let's go...

Play YouTube videos in Background Android.

Just follow this simple steps.

1 Open any web Browser that's your favorite.

2 and Open the www.youtube.com and search videos are playlists that are your favorite.

3 Allow notifications. (must do)

4 Click on Browser Menu Choose from that "Desktop site" to switch as shown as PC

5 hit on the play button of  the video or Playlist

6 then finally tap on Home button of Android or iOS Phone if it stops no 
problem Just pull down the notifications bar, from that notification bar, we can Play & Pause.

              I hope you understood how to play youtube videos in the android background. if you like this article share with your friends and like this. If you face any problem to play in Background Comment on bellow 
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Sunday, 23 September 2018

How to Use Android Apps on PC.

By Masipogula Suresh

        Android Apps on PCHello Everyone, welcome to this Blog. Today I tell how to use Android Apps on PC’s. So don’t west time let’s start our topic………

How to use android apps on pc

                    Before we start this we have to think some questions so that the questions are.
                             1. Why use Android apps on PC?
                             2.  How to use Android apps on PC?
                             3.  How many ways to use Android apps on PC                                        
                      Nowadays, so many people’s want to use their favorite Android apps on their PC. Numerous ways available to Use Android Apps on their PC’s. Let’s Start our W,H? Questions.

 Why Use Android Apps on PC?

 Some main reasons to use Android apps on their PC’s is
·       The PC will give us a big screen.
·       And essay to use apps on the PC.
·       PC gives Batter quality for Gamer.
·       Good GUI.
·       Social Media Apps use( when we using PC)
·       Need not to check every time mobile for notifications some apps(when on work in pc)
I think these are the main thing to use Android Apps on PC.

How to Use & Install Android Apps on PC.
                                    Today on the internet we have many more ways to install & use android apps. Mainly I discuss with you only one way that is Android Emulator. We all know the Google provides us Google Play in that Google Play we have our loving Apps. We may use .apk apps on PC which is not available in the Google Play store.

Installing Android app on PC or Installing  BlueStacks Android Emulator.
                    In this tutorial, I just give you a short note on installing process of BlueStacks Emulator. Just follow these simple steps on PC to use your favorite Android App.
·          Open the official site or this
·          Hit on Button Download & chose you PC 64bit or 32bit.
·          Open it when download & double click on the downloaded file
·          Than open BlueStacks Player & Install from Google Play store.
·          Open GPlay store & browse what you want app & hit Install & enjoy it on your PC
                         The best Android Emulator in the world is BlueStacks Android Emulator. This is the Best for who wants to use their favorite Android Apps on their PC’s.  According to BlueStacks review that reviews are given by 5* stars out of 5*.

                        But only One drawback is there that is the BlueStacks is will work properly only on high Configurations PCs. Is there a chance to use low configuration PC’s? Yes! We have thousands of BlueStacks alternatives on the internet.

The conclusion of use Android apps on PCs.
                In this tutorial, I just tell you only one way to use the android app on PCs. I discussed the BlueStacks is the Best for android app use on PCs. But you might use an android app from the official sites of the favorite apps, they made, especially for PCs.
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